Permission Guidelines

#For the open range

You can choose from among the following five public range of photos that you uploaded in Photozou.
I set each album published range of photo in Photozou. How to change the setting toHELPPlease refer to.

[1] I can be published to the entire Internet

When you "publish to the Internet," the open range of the album, you look like you can see even from anyone around the world via the Internet. It also makes it possible to cooperation also to various external services such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • # Considered for the pickup is limited to photos of "exposed to the Internet."
  • # Photos posted from Mobatsui Twitter and official mobile version, to become "can be published to the Internet as a whole" to set a photozou even if you have private setting a Twitter account, photos are published for those who are followers other than Twitter you.
[2]I publish to Photozou member

If Photozou members who are logged in Photozou site, allows anyone to see.

[3]I can be published to the whole friends

You can become you're friends registered in the photo Crouch to "friends" Nomigago orchids.

[4]Can be published to the friends you have selected

If you do not want to expose to the friends of the specific, if you select the "Publishing your friends chose", a list of your friends will appear Also, if you want to publish only your friends specific. Your friends because you will see friends each group, please tick the group name if you get a look at the whole group. Please check by clicking on the user name, if you are set individually.

[5](Can not be seen other than yourself) you do not want to publish

You can not can not be viewed from Photozou member also does not exposed to the Internet, your only way to view photos.

It should be noted that, by sending the (e-mail a link of the album have been described) Email to show to you are not a member, you will be able to introduce an album for those who are not registered in the Photozou in 30 days limited time.

  • #The publication of other media, about the work that has been picked upTwitter(@photozou)andFacebookIt refers to the fact that I am allowed to introduce as many people as Photozou to social services Photozou official account and page. Listings to pick up, and to be your refusal to post to other media, so we have sent to your registered email address to post confirmation e-mail, please contact us within 24 hours to the URL in the email .

#For photo pick-up photos, the topic

Photos from the "exposed to the Internet" that everyone of the members have uploaded to Photozou, Photozou staff has let me selected.
When is elected, by turnover, together with the photo of the person for a few days other[Everyone's picture]and[PickUp][Photo of Topic]It will be displayed on the page.

  • #You will not be posted from the pick-up or page is set changed from "publish to the Internet," to pick up after publication, a photo that has been picked up, and will be deleted orTwitterandFacebookPosts Photozou account will remain. If it is bad for your convenience by the photo will remain,Inquiry formPlease contact us by